Shoretel Phone Software
Ryan Lewis
Oct-6th, 2017 2:53

Shortel Software Setup

Start up Shortel by clicking on the desktop shortcut

Click “Next” button 

*Make sure you uncheck the box “Use Windows credentials”

*Put in the above information but with your username put in there. 

Click the “Next” button

Make sure the “Start Shortel..” box is checked, then hit Finish 

Setting Up Voicemail

Click on the Shoretel Icon.

Go to “Options”

Choose the “Voice Mail” category and click on “Record Name”

Pick up the phone receiver and press the “record” button to record your name. Press “ok” when you are finished. Press the “play” button to replay your greeting. If you do not like it, just hit the “record” button again and record a new greeting.

Now go to “Call Handling Mode”

Here you can setup a greeting for each of your call handling modes. The default mode on your phone is “standard”. 

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