Power Campus
Ryan Lewis
Oct-6th, 2017 2:38

Power Campus

To use Powercampus we’ll need to first remotely connect to “PCClient”. To do that press the “Start” button and click on “All Programs”

Then Click on “Accessories” and choose “Remote Desktop Connection”


A window will open asking you what computer you’d like to connect to. Type in “PCclient” and hit “Connect”






You’ll then be prompted for your credentials. Make sure your username has the “moc” in front of it, or you won’t be able to connect.

A new window will open. This is your remote connection to PCclient.

Click on the Powercampus shortcut.

Make sure you choose “Campu6_Live” and click “OK

Type in your username and password one more time and you are good to go!

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